Elijah Jensen-Lindsey

July 21 – August 8, 2014 | Reception Tuesday,  July 22  6-8PM

The Holland Project Gallery is proud to present  The Constant Now showcasing mixed media works by Elijah Jensen-Lindsey in the hallway gallery space. A native of Nampa, ID, and carpenter by trade, Jensen-Lindsey has developed a complex, secret, and inherently sincere, practice of creating objects, installations, and music-based projects; that have hidden meanings and blur the distinctions between art and craft. His work is inundated with and often haunted by complex, abstract, and deeply personal narratives. These narratives create a charming pastiche with many individual threads forming a patchwork quilt that is both surreal and nostalgic. Jensen-Lindsey invites the viewer to pull upon and follow each of these threads to their ruinous end; as the viewer’s experience unfolds these threads quickly unravel and reveal complex emotional content with deeper narratives that touch upon his identity as a creative artist haunted by loss and confronting a changed identity by way of physical disrepair, as well as his working class and strictly religious upbringing. His work utilizes the inherent tension between loss and hope, acceptance and succession, fashioning new sophisticated twists on sources as diverse as modernist assemblage, comic illustration, poetry, and funerary installation.

Elijah Gene McElroy Jensen-Lindsey is also the founder of The Dying Letter Office, which recently had a retrospective exhibition at Bricoshoppe and Black Hunger Gallery in Boise, ID.


Desire and its Desolation flier WEB


Jake Arcularius

July 21 - August 8, 2014 | Reception Tuesday,  July 22  6-8PM with presentation by Megan Matthers @ 6:30pm

Featured in the main gallery space will be works by Portland based artist Jake Arcularius. Desire and Its Desolation consists of photographs documenting the artist’s travels throughout the American landscape over the past four years. Arcularius’s work conjures a familiar yearning to root one’s presence within the most fragile and ephemeral of moments. In doing so, the images provide both an archive and narrative of his travels while also touching on the unreliable nature of truth in relation to memory.

Driven by an instinctive desire for adventure while also longing for home, Arcularius sets out to capture the American landscape that once was and may no longer be. “It is this feeling that compels me to the America that predates the interstate and sprawl; that stain of the American conscious that rides beside me like a ghost,” explains Arcularius in regard to the work, “The simple lines of a sun-bleached highway, the light showing through those damaged hotel drapes, and that vast openness that frees and at the very least oppresses.”

In addition to Arcularius’s exhibition, Holland is excited to have local artist and photographer Megan Matthers give a presentation during the Opening Reception. Matthers will share stories and photographs from her recent road trip across the country and will touch on the significance of travel, the American landscape and documentation in her work.


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