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February 24 – 28 | Closing Reception Saturday, Feb. 28th  6:00-8:00 PM

Fizzog – British slang meaning “face.” From the word Physiogomy

Physiognomy is a pseudoscience. It was first practiced by the ancient Greeks as a way to tell a person’s character by the shape and structure of their face. The practice has been used and misused throughout history, and is nearly always refuted as hogwash. When it comes down to it you can’t know a person by the way they look. And yet, contemporary portraiture aims over and over again to do just that. Fizzog is an exhibition dedicated to the concept that through the artist’s manipulation and construction of an image, we can actually derive some truth about a subject’s character, personality, history, or mood. Whether figurative or non-representational, the works in this exhibition have the ability to convey both the secrets of the subject and the intent of the artist.

Fizzog was curated through an open submission process asking artists to put forward artworks that represent their personal definition of a portrait. The jury, made up of artists and arts professionals serving on The Holland Project Gallery Committee, selected the final works based on a common thread as defined in the exhibition’s statement. All of the artists included in Fizzog live in or around the Reno/Sparks area and for several artists, it is the first time displaying their artwork publicly.

This is a pop-up exhibition and will be up for a short run from Feb 24-28 with a closing reception on Saturday, Feb. 28 from 6-8PM at the Holland Project Gallery on 140 Vesta. St., Reno.


The Holland Project Gallery is one of the go-to art spaces in Reno to see young, contemporary artists and their influences both regionally and nationally. The main gallery space, located at 140 Vesta Street, features 1-3 exhibitions a month with gallery hours Tuesday-Friday 3-6PM, or by appointment.

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