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01.24 | Dead Seagals w/ Tommy & the Tongues | 8PM

01.27 | Dude York w/ Slate | 7PM

02.01 | Dogleg, Glass Beach, Made for Shelter, Ummm Jr | 7PM

02.05 | together PANGEA, Tropa Magica, Reckling | 7PM

02.06 | C.W. Stoneking w/ Só Sol | 7PM

02.07 | Chastity Belt, Loose Tooth | 7PM

02.22 | The Red Pears, Carpool Tunnel, Archer OH | 7PM

02.25 | Bay Faction, Common Mishap, Anapathic | 7PM

02.28 | Destroy Boys, Gymshorts, Twompsax | 7PM

03.02 | NO WIN, On Drugs, Night Rooms, Bug Bath | 7PM

03.03 | Summer Cannibals, Eddie & the Subtitles, Shit Metaphor | 7PM

03.09 | Shopping, Automatic | 7PM

03.22 | AJJ, Xiu Xiu, Emperor X | 7PM

03.24 | Good Morning, Jasmine | 7PM

03.26 | Mal Blum, Bat Country | 8PM

03.27 | Horse Jumper of Love + Strange Ranger | 8PM

04.02 | IAN SWEET, Peaer | 8PM

04.08 | (sandy) Alex G w/ Miserable | 7PM

04.13 | Crywank w/ Chastity | 8PM

04.15 | Soft Kill, In Mirrors, Fearing | 8PM

04.18 | Show Me The Body w/ Machine Girl | 8PM



BLOOM Youth Open Mic


** If the event you’d like to attend is not listed above, there are no advance ticket sales and you can gain entry at the door the night of the event! 




– simply go to the Calendar page (you can also get there by visiting the Upcoming Music page)
– click on the event you’d like to see

Once you’ve clicked on the event you’d like to purchase tickets for, you’ll see an orange BUY TICKETS button below the event title and date (see the example below). HIT THAT BUTTON and you’re set! When you purchase tickets, your name will be added to a WILL CALL LIST and you’ll claim your ticket at the door. Simply BRING YOUR ID and you’ll be set (you won’t receive anything by mail and don’t need to print anything out!).

Occasionally, certain email servers block the confirmation email that is automatically sent once you purchase tickets. If you do not get a confirmation and are worried, go ahead and shoot us an email (info<@> and we’ll confirm your ticket purchase with you!


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Again, if there is no BUY TICKETS button on the event you’d like to attend, then there are no advance tickets available and tickets will be available the day of the event at the door only! We are unable to give refunds for tickets unless the show cancels, bands can’t make it, inclement weather or in the event of an emergency situation. We thank you for your understanding! <3