Exhibition Proposals


ATTN: We are accepting proposals through September 30th, 2019 for exhibitions in our late winter-spring 2020 schedule. Artists/curators will be notified by the end of October 2019.

Artists and curators of all ages are encouraged to apply for exhibition opportunities in any one of our four gallery spaces. Our exhibition schedule is booked six months in advance with proposals being reviewed by the gallery committee about every 3-4 months. Within our regular six-month schedule, we do leave slots open for pop-up shows, screenings, special performances, and weeklong exhibitions.

When applying for an exhibition opportunity, please consider which gallery space best suits your needs using the following guide:

MAIN GALLERY: The Main Gallery is the face of our 140 Vesta Street headquarters and highlights exceptional work by artists from Nevada and beyond. Work considered for exhibition speaks to today’s culture and broader discussions within the contemporary art world. Proposals from artists and curators with some exhibition history is preferred. Proposed projects should be fully developed, meaning they represent serious and ongoing artistic research/practice. Proposals should consider how they will utilize the entire exhibition space with the addition of the Hallway Gallery as needed. Past Exhibitions: How To Deal | Hollow Home | Children Don’t Immigrate

HALLWAY GALLERY: The Hallway Gallery is ideal for small projects including showcasing newer works/series in progress, small scale installation, few large pieces and many small/medium pieces, research projects, book projects, small sculpture and more. Artists and curators from anywhere in the world may apply and no exhibition history is required. This space is adjacent to the Main Gallery and its availability is dependent on if the main exhibition is utilizing the hallway or not. Past Exhibitions: Simulacra | The Constant Now | Retro-Catharsis, Powered By Gin

SERVA POOL: Our annex Serva Pool Gallery is ideal for artists working in performance, 4-D media, large scale installation, and other experimental practices. Serva Pool exhibitions typically run 2 weeks, but proposals for pop-up exhibitions are encouraged as well. Serva Pool can accommodate all media and no exhibition history is required. Past Exhibitions: Free Trampoline | Valley Song | Elements

MICRO GALLERY: Our satellite art space located inside Bibo Coffee Company at 945 Record Street is ideal for first time exhibiting artists and curators as well as exhibitions with an all local line-up. This space can accommodate wall works only and 2-D media is preferred. Micro Gallery Photos

Important Details

  • Proposal process is competitive and we cannot accept every proposal we receive. Selections are made by our volunteer Gallery Committee comprised of community artists, curators, students, and arts professionals with the Gallery Director.
  • The Holland Project receives 25% commission on all art sales.
  • Artists and curators are responsible for all travel/shipping costs related to their exhibition.
  • Technology is available for 4-D work depending on your needs.


Exhibition Proposal forms  are open and can be found here >>>  HPG Exhibition Proposal Form.