Community Darkroom

Holland Project will be hosting a Community Darkroom and a series of Photography Workshops in September 2022. (follow link or scroll all the way down to browse workshops)

The HP Community Darkroom is equipped with 5 enlarger stations (2 Beselers & 3 Omegas), an archival wash tank, film processing tanks and changing bags, and a negative scanning station set-up with an Epson V600 flatbed scanner and Macbook. We are using Arista EDU Ultra chemicals for processing both film and photo paper (black & white only) and can accommodate 35mm and 120 film/negatives.

How it Works: The darkroom is open regular hours most days of the week for drop-ins in three or four-hour time slots (max 5 attendees per slot). Participants will use the DARKROOM CALENDAR to schedule a day and time to work in the lab. Booking your appointment in advance is required as there are limited spots each day. Drop-in rates are $5 and covers all film/paper processing chemicals need while in the lab. Payment is due upon arrival or can be made in advanced by visiting our DARKROOM SHOP and purchasing a drop-in. Punch cards may also be purchased for $20 and are good for 6 darkroom drop-ins or may be used to purchase film, photo paper, or to receive cash back on darkroom workshops.

Artists of all experience levels are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. There will always be a lab tech on-site to help, please indicate your experience level when signing up on the calendar below.

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