4x4x48 2017 – details (including filmmakers, bands, elements, and challenge weekend) announced shortly, but save the date for 11.16.17 screening at NMA!


4x4x48 is a music video challenge event taking place in the fall. A bit of a misnomer, 4x4x48 initially started as 4 directors, 4 bands, 48 hours–but we snuck in a fifth director, and a fifth band, but the name had already stuck. For this project, Holland asks the directors to produce a music video project (for bands we select for them) in 48 hours, start to finish….from shooting, to editing, to completion. The films, once completed, screen at a special event at the Nevada Museum of Art with a Q&A with filmmakers and bands after the screening.

The 2016 4x4x48 teams:

Omar Pierce | Snack 
Nick Minor | Blackstallion
Henry MacDiarmid | Lil Traffic
Elspeth Summers and James Coleman | Basha
Robbie Racine and Johanna Richards | Rob Ford Explorer

The filmmakers started the challenge at 8AM on a Saturday and had a full 48 hours to complete their film.  In addition to the 48-time constraint, each filmmaker must incorporate 5 elements or requirements as determined by last year’s filmmakers into their films.  Filmmakers can interpret each element as they wish, and be as creative as they choose, but each element must be represented.  The elements were not uncovered to the filmmakers until 8AM on the date of the challenge kickoff. This year’s elements include:

  • a local icon (a person, place, or thing representative of Reno)
  • smoke or fog
  • something falling
  • a reference to something from the 90s
  • bones or teeth (not on body)


“Don’t Think” (Buds)
“Recollections” (Elspeth Summers)
“Dreams will Come True” (Casino Hearts)
“Suicide Floor” (Plastic Caves)
“Specter” (Evynn Tyler)
“My Spotless Mind” (Televisions)
“Passion” (Solterona)
“Letterboxer” (Frontier City Sounds)
“Moonboots” (Alphabet Cult)

2014 4x4x48 participants included: Tucker Rash directing for Casino Hearts, Jeannie MacDonald directing for Buds, Jon Shown directing for Marian Walker, Brandon Shirey directing for Plastic Caves, Anna Kernecker directing for Elspeth Summers

2013 4x4x48 participants included: Jesse McCloskey feat. Evynn Tyler; Sam Santoro feat. Televisions; Babs Laukat feat. Solterona; Denali Lowder and Dane Haman feat. Frontier City Sounds; and Alana Berglund and Kelci McIntosh feat.  Alphabet Cult.

2012 Participants: Megan Kay feat. Mark Van Norris; Charlie Hayes feat. Elephant Rifle; Dane Haman feat. Spitting Image; Tosha Palani feat. Dvchess; and Kyle Walker Akins feat. Mask K Raid.