YEAR ZERO ft. Tom Scorpian | Thomas Vincent Chapel

 HP GALLERY | NOVEMBER 09, 2021 – NOVEMBER 26, 2021  | Reception: Nov. 13th | 5 – 7 PM

HP Galleries is thrilled to present, “YEAR ZERO” by Reno-based artist, Thomas Vincent Chapel. “YEAR ZERO” is a show about greed, oppression, imperialism, capitalism, corruption, and power struggles. Using the short story ‘Hard Times by Tom Scorpian’ Thomas Vincent Chapel lays out the groundwork for YEAR ZERO. The work is made to bring you into the world of Tom Scorpian. A grim, lonely, corrupt world. A world where the Military-Industrial Complex calls the shots. A world that greed will ultimately destroy. A world with a disheartening amount of similarities to our world. Although YEAR ZERO is actually very grim indeed, Thomas Vincent Chapel seeks to lighten the load a little with vibrant colors, ancient lore, sculptures, photographs, time travel, television references, a SECRET DIARY!!, aliens, sentimental soil samples, scriptures, rare minerals, tote bags, LIVE SCORPIONS, a poster of a car, some other ill shit, and a whale.

Thomas Vincent Chapel is an interdisciplinary visual artist born in the United States of America. New Mystic. Symbologist. Historian. Mirror to society.

“YEAR ZERO” will be on view from November 09, 2021 – November 26, 2021, Tues-Fri 12-6 PM or by appt. Appointments can be made by contacting alberto@hollandreno.org or calling 775-448-6500.


ON THE PRECIPICE | Svetlana Shigroff

 SERVA POOL GALLERY | NOVEMBER 02, 2021 – NOVEMBER 28, 2021  | Reception: Nov. 13th | 5 – 7 PM

HP Galleries is pleased to present On The Precipice, a solo exhibition by Svetlana Shigroff featuring new bodies of work. The iconography of this exhibition stems from an earlier piece titled Black Bikini and Tan Hiking Boots (2020). BBTHB was completed and shown just months before the pandemic hit the USA. Through the use of the screaming skull motif, it signals a transformative precipice; simultaneously representing terror and rapture, beauty and vulgarity, life and death. The tumultuous swath of time following the completion of this initial work has propelled her to extend and expand her study of the aforementioned concepts in her new work. Where BBTHB focused on the consequence of violence and the lived womxn experience; the new work for On The Precipice turns inward. Like a mirror, the work looks directly at the violence inflicted on oneself and the psychology of trauma and mental illness. It is an expression grappling with the experience of an endless global pandemic.

Svetlana Shigroff is originally from Australia and has been living and working in Southern California for the last eleven years. She has worked within the fashion industry as a Designer and Production Manager, created stage costumes, and toured as a wardrobe manager. Currently, Svetlana’s studio practice consists of mixed media tapestries, sculpture, and art-to-wear apparel. She uses reclaimed materials, end bolts, and dead-stock fabrics in the production of both her tapestries and apparel pieces. This has contributed to a trademark color palette that reflects the fast fashion industry and the overproduction and consumption of clothes and textiles. Extramundane staging, dream interpretation, and the psychedelic aesthetic are reoccurring elements within Svetlana’s work and she utilizes processes of tufting and stitching as a kinetic incantation and a means to underscore the multiplicity of the self. 2020 saw a pivotal shift to nonprofit work where Svetlana became a Lead Project Coordinator and Production Manager for Project Mask LA, a volunteer-based organization that makes and distributes fabric masks, pillows, and blankets to the unhoused and under-served communities. In addition, Svetlana works as a teaching artist and conducts hand tufting workshops at the Palm Springs Art Museum, and offers tapestry workshops out of her desert art studio in Flamingo Heights, CA.

“On The Precipice” will be on view from November 02, 2021 – November 28, 2021, Tues-Fri 12-6 PM or by appt. Appointments can be made by contacting alberto@hollandreno.org or calling 775-448-6500.

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