HP Gallery

curated by Miwah Lee + Kelly Kirkland, part of the 2022 Curator Series

 HP GALLERY | OCTOBER 25, 2022 – DECEMBER 3, 2022 | CLOSING RECEPTION: December 3, 5-7PM
Including works by Charles Kelman, Nathaniel Santos, and Min Ji Son

OUT/FIT is a group exhibition highlighting three Los Angeles-based artists – Charles Kelman, Nathaniel Santos, and Min Ji Son – who use the visual language of fashion design as a narrative framework to be expanded and disrupted. Each artist pays homage to the layered systems of garment production, often working on a small scale with repurposed and handmade materials and prioritizing process over final product. The resulting garment-objects reveal unique stories about the relationship between humans, clothes, and the environment – a kinetic exchange marked by harmony and conflict, construction and deconstruction, and dreamlike visions of a future built on the remnants of the past.

Out (adv) (Old English, ut): expressing motion or direction from within.
Fit (n) (Old English, fitt): conflict or struggle; “to meet.”

An “outfit” is most commonly understood as a set of clothes worn for a particular occasion. However, the term can also refer to a set of tools or people deployed for a specialized task. OUT/FIT playfully collapses these definitions to explore the meeting-in-motion between past and present, utility and ornament, individuals and community – not as oppositional forces, but as co-creating ones.

OUT/FITwill be on view thru December 3rd, open Tues. – Fri 12-6 PM. or by appt. Appointments can be made by contacting info@hollandreno.org or calling 775-448-6500.

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