KWNK’s mission is to champion music and ideas through community-driven, non-commercial radio in Reno and beyond. Community Radio that is volunteer-based and listener-supported strengthens community ties and builds civic engagement. It’s a huge, long-anticipated, much-needed and exciting project and Holland is one of the partners & biggest cheerleaders. Check out  the website HERE, or follow along on FB or Instagram!


We are proud to present a monthly show entitled “SURFS UP” for the KWNK 97.7fm airwaves. “Surfs Up” features a mix of awesome local bands mixed in with stuff coming through Reno within the month. Part music discovery and exploration and part championing the incredible music produced in our local scene!

Catch archived episodes below!

SURFS UP: EPISODE #6 8.24.18 with hosts Stirr Lightly
< Jeff Rosenstock, Basha, No Vacation, People with Bodies, El Ten Eleven, Future Islands, Rik and the Pigs, Mutual, Blackstallion, Big Bite, Night Rooms, Color T.V., Curse League, Common Mishap>

SURFS UP: EPISODE #5 7.12.18 with hosts Erin Miller + Tara Tran
< Lunch Lady, PHF, MAll Rat, Okay Urge, Struck Out, ADHDOD, Covet, Miserable, Pry, Fearing, Fine Motor, Versing, Blackstallion, Late for Rent >

SURFS UP: EPISODE #4 6.5.18 with host Bridget Conway
< Life in Vacuum, Iced, Ford Corl, People with Bodies, Sextile, Olden Yolk, Mega Bog, Tresed, Lovataraxx, Wand, Dent May>

SURFS UP: EPISODE #3, 5.2.18 with host Oliver Guinan
< Opossum Sun Trail, People with Bodies, Half Waif, Hovvdy, Skew Ring, Gina Rose, Priests, Mellow Diamond, Pry, TV Girl, Wished Bone, Madooji, Elephant Rifle, Pins of Light, Rob Ford Explorer >

SURFS UP: EPISODE #2, 4.2.18 with host Sophia Pierce
< Psychotic Reaction, Murder Dream, Blackstallion, Boyo, Psychic Guild, Nick Eng, Shannon & the Clams, Okay Urge, Werewolf Club, Inhibitor, Helms Alee, Whores, Elephant Rifle, Alphabet Cult >

SURFS UP: EPISODE #1, 3.20.18 with host Brigdon Markward
< Lithics, Slow Wow, S Metahphor, Together Pangea, Stirr Lightly, Bedroom, Moaning, Night Rooms, Skew Ring, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Current Joys, Life After Mars, Surly >