Micro Gallery


SPEAK OF THE DEVIL | Group exhibit


During the month of love in the Micro Gallery we have put together a fun li’l devil themed group exhibit. Speak of the Devil features small works by over 30 local artists working in nearly every genre/medium. Be sure to stop by and see all of the devilish artwork!

The exhibition is on view starting Feb. 11th and culminates with a closing reception + cash ‘n’ carry sale on Saturday, March 9th from 6-8pm. The Holland Project Micro Gallery is located inside Bibo Coffee Co. at 945 Record St.

Speak of the Devil artists include: Ilya Arbatman, Joan Arrizabalaga, Jesse Azucena, Marti Bein, Nathaniel Benjamin, Alana Berglund, Hernan Borreo, Chris Carnel, Maya Claiborne, Lindsea Correia, Jake Graves, Teal Francis, Richard Jackson, CJ Joughin, Eunkang Koh, Lisa Kurt, David Hall, Joanna Hampton, Ahren Hertel, Hannah Huntley, Denali Lowder, Joseph Magaña, Ana McKay, Ally Messer, Ray Mueller, Kim Musser, Summer Orr, Omar Pierce, Sophia Pierce, Austin Pratt, Ron Rash, Johanna Richards, Joe C Rock, Metal Jeff Rogers, Angie Terrell, David Tilley




The Micro Gallery is an off-site art space located in Bibo Coffee Co. at 945 Record Street. Organized and run by the Gallery Associate, the Micro Gallery supports emerging creators both as curators and as the exhibiting artists. The Gallery Associate is a high school/college level intern that has the opportunity to oversee and curate full exhibitions in the space from start to finish, beginning with the selection of the artist/s and completing with de-installation of the exhibit. For exhibiting artists, the Micro Gallery allows an avenue to exhibit work professionally in a high traffic space in the heart of Reno’s university neighborhood. Special thank you to Paul and Deb Martin and Bibo Coffee Co. for their support.

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