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TINY COMFORTS | Andrea Elizabeth Boyles 


Having grown up in Reno, Nevada, Andrea Elizabeth Boyles draws inspiration from the surrounding landscapes and culture that she has witnessed since childhood. Using a minimalistic yet detailed approach to drawing, she depicts a wide range of subject matter; from mountains —  similar to those in her high desert home — to portraits of traditional cowboys. Most prominent in her work are her portraits that highlight unconventional beauty, displaying the fluidity of gender and identity. With these works, Boyles tends to break from inspiration derived from her natural surroundings, and instead draws it elsewhere from people such as Andy Warhol, who made a career capturing similar beauties. Sometimes pairing her portraits with short sentences, she displays how she may have been feeling at the time the piece was created. With this, she hopes to create an emotional connection to her audience through her pieces.

Tiny Comforts is meant to be a reflection of the artist’s younger self. When looking back at her childhood, memory can be foggy, and the negative experiences tend to surface quicker than the positive. In times of adversity, it was always easy for Andrea to find comfort in small, inanimate things. This exhibition sets out to highlight these objects that helped maintain a sense of joy for Andrea, and the items in which she placed a piece of herself. Ultimately, it is a reclamation of her own memory as she works to rekindle a feeling of exhilaration and happiness for a time that is meant to be the happiest, for both herself and the viewer.

Tiny Comforts is on view from JAN. 8th – MAR. 4th in the Satellite Gallery, located inside Cafe Capello at 248 W 1st Street. Join us for a reception with the artist on FRIDAY, FEB. 28 from 6-8pm.


OF THE DESERT | Summer Ester Orr

HP FERINO GALLERY | NOV. 1, 2019 – JAN. 31 , 2020 

Summer Ester Orr is an emerging multidisciplinary artist based out of Reno, Nevada. Her work often utilizes illustration, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, and tattooing to engage with a range of themes that relate to personal experience with a human/animal narrative. Largely self-taught, Summer is active in the DIY community and frequently organizes workshops and classes to further arts education in Reno outside of academia. In 2019 she completed a four week artist residency at Epicenter in Green River, UT and continues to make work out of the Wedge Ceramic studio, Laika Press and Twofold Tattoo. You can see more of Summer’s work at

This body of work was created during Summer’s Frontier Fellowship with Epicenter, a non-profit organization based in Utah in April of 2019. The arid red rock country that she spent 4 weeks in was surprisingly different from the Great Basin desert, and these watercolor illustrations evolved out of “research” in trying to understand her new surroundings. Summer would take trips into the San Rafael Swell to collect rocks, ammonite fossils, cactus clippings, and buckets of dirt. During the residency, she was able to make a multitude of watercolor sketches that helped her transcribe the mystifying landscape. The flora and fauna of this particularly harsh climate left a mark on Summer. Every single living organism in the desert is on the brink of survival. She learned that one cow carcass decomposing in the sweltering heat can feed an entire ecosystem. One season of above average precipitation and the prickly pears will bloom a month early. When she’d see the crows circling and the rabbits skirting sagebrush she knew something was keeping them alive here, but not for long. 

Of The Desert is on view from Nov. 2nd – Jan. 31st in the HP Ferino Gallery, located inside the Ferino Distillery at 541 E 4th St, Reno, NV. The Ferino Gallery is open Wed. – Sun. with all-ages access from 11am-3pm and 21+ access from 3pm-12am. 




Organized and run by the Gallery Associate, our off-site Satellite Gallery supports emerging creators both as curators and as exhibiting artists. The Gallery Associate is a high school/college level intern that has the opportunity to oversee and curate full exhibitions in this off-site space from start to finish, beginning with the selection of the artist/s and completing with de-installation of the exhibit. For exhibiting artists, the Satellite Gallery allows an avenue to exhibit work professionally in a high traffic space in the heart of Reno’s downtown river district.The HP Satellite Gallery is located inside Cafe Capello located at 248 W 1st St #202, Reno, NV. Special thank you to Cafe Capello for their support.


The HP Ferino Gallery is located at 541 E. 4th St, Reno, NV, inside the Ferino Distillery. The Ferino Gallery is open Wed. – Sun. with all-ages access from 11am-3pm and 21+ access from 3pm-12am.

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