Satellite Gallery at Cafe Capello

Ephemeral Blue | Payton Williams


HP Satellite Gallery is excited to present, “Ephemeral Blue” by Payton Williams. Payton Williams is an interdisciplinary artist and student. They were born and raised in Northern Nevada. Their artistic practice focuses on combining textile printmaking and alternative process photography to explore themes of queerness and love as well as mortality and mourning.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Ephemeral Blue explores the transitory nature of love, life, and the world around us. Through the medium of cyanotype printing, I seek to capture the beauty and fragility of these subjects, and to highlight the impermanence that is inherent in all things. The cyanotype process, which involves exposing light-sensitive fabric to the sun, is itself a metaphor for the evanescent nature of our existence. The prints produced are delicate and prone to fading, much like the memories and experiences that shape our lives. In this body of work, I seek to convey the bittersweet quality of existence, in which everything is temporary and subject to change. The blues of the cyanotypes speak to the melancholy that comes with the realization of our own mortality, while the subjects of the prints highlight the preciousness of the present moment. Through Ephemeral Blue, I hope to encourage viewers to reflect on the fleeting nature of their own lives and to appreciate the beauty and value of the people and things they hold dear. The ephemeral nature of life is something that we cannot change, but it is up to us to make the most of the time that we have.

Ephemeral Blue is on view from January 17 – March 17, 2023 in the HP Satellite Gallery located inside Cafe Capello at 248 W 1st St #250, Reno, NV. HP Satellite Gallery is open Mon-Thurs, 7 AM – 6 PM and Fri-Sun 7 AM – 6 PM. Click here to purchase works.


Organized and run by the Gallery Associate, our off-site Satellite Gallery supports emerging creators both as curators and as exhibiting artists. The Gallery Associate is a high school/college level intern that has the opportunity to oversee and curate full exhibitions in this off-site space from start to finish, beginning with the selection of the artist/s and completing with de-installation of the exhibit. For exhibiting artists, the Satellite Gallery allows an avenue to exhibit work professionally in a high-traffic space in the heart of Reno’s downtown river district. The HP Satellite Gallery is located inside Cafe Capello located at 248 W 1st St #202, Reno, NV. Special thank you to Cafe Capello for their support.

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