Sunland Symposium

Holland Project and Sundance Books and Music are pleased to produce Sunland: A Holland/Sundance Symposium, a quarterly salon-style discussion series that explores various themes under an art, music, or culture umbrella.

Each Sunland event features guest speakers, a moderator, and a lively discussion around the chosen theme and topic. A suggested (but not required) reading list will accompany each symposium to fuel the conversation. In addition to books, the list will often include relevant articles, films, and other materials. Participants can prepare for each symposium by reading selections from the list, or they can refer to the list afterward if they want to continue their exploration of a certain topic. The Sunland Symposium Series is designed, as the salons of yore, “to engage and inspire.”


On April 7, 2018 we presented Sunland #10: WOMYN

Join Holland for the next Sunland event taking place on April 7, 2018 at the Holland Project with a discussion focusing on working women of color in both cultural and professional spheres. The panel will be moderated by activist Felicia Perez, and will feature Brazilian/NY-based special guest June Canedo along side some amazing artists in our community. The panel discussion will be preceded by a reception in the gallery featuring Canedo’s work, as well as a hallway exhibition curated by Alberto Garcia. More details and reading + resource list coming soon!


Sunland Series
Sunland #1: Tipping Points w/ Megan Jasper (Sub Pop Records) & Eric Johnson (Neil Young, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) *Feb 2014
Sunland #2: Art & Music w/ Matt Sullivan (Light in the Attic Records), Omar Pierce (1-800-Cherrys), and Jon Kortland (Iron Lung/Feeding) *May 2014
Sunland #3: The Ladies w/ Aja Pecknold (Unified Field Collective, Fleet Foxes) and Sylvie Simmons (rock writer, artist, biographer) *Sept 2014
Sunland #4: Evolution w/ Sean Bohrman (Burger Records), Steve Stevenson (1-2-3-4 Go! Records), and Richard Jackson (music veteran)  *Dec 2014
Sunland #5: Dropping Knowledge w/ Jammal Tarkington (Who Cares?), Evynn Tyler (Franc Friday) and Demond Dowdy (Black Rock City All Stars) *April 2015
Sunland #6: Breeding Ground w/ Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters/Sunny Day Real Estate) *August 2015
Sunland #7: Death + Culture w/ Brett Van Hoesen, Bob Morrison, Colin Robertson, Lindsey Pisani, Tony Tinoco, Jamie Hemingway, Kaleb Temple & Shaun Griffin *Nov 2015
Sunland Special Event: An Evening With Gloria Steinem *Sept 2016
Sunland #8: Statement-Making Music Videos, 1980s to Now w/ Leah Ruby, Christine Felch, Jeff Ray, Sophia Pierce, Nick Minor, and Sam Santoro *Feb 2017
Sunland #9: Navigating the Space Between: A Discussion on Border Identity and Culture w/ Alberto Garcia, Ana Teresa Fernández, Alejandra Hernández Chávez, Dr. Daniel Enrique Pérez, and Dr. Linda Curcio Nagy. *Dec 2017
Sunland #10: WOMYN feat. June Canedo, Felicia Perez, and more. *April 2018

For past Sunland event topics and reading lists, click HERE.

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