Work In Progress

Work in Progress or WIP  is an annual, 4-month program introducing advanced art techniques to local high school students through a series of workshop sessions led by practicing artists. Through WIP, students will conceptualize and create original artwork utilizing skills learned during the weekly workshops and curate a group exhibition of their work, which is displayed in HP Galleries during the winter season. 2021-22’s program ran from Oct. 2021 – Jan. 2022 culminating with the exhibition in February  2022. Guest artists led hands-on workshops/demos exploring a range of art-making processes including screen printing, soft sculpture, tufting/textiles, as well as broader conversations around art history and current topics in contemporary art and culture. Work in Progress is a beloved program that introduces students to their local community of artists and arts organizations while providing educational opportunities in art skills not traditionally offered in Washoe County Schools. Furthermore, WIP is a meaningful artistic, networking, and professional opportunity for students pursuing higher education or work in both creative and non-creative fields after graduation.

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