Rehearsal & Recording

Pictured: HUNNY 5/12/2017


We’re excited to offer an affordable and flexible rehearsal space at Holland.

The showspace will be made available between 7-10PM on weeknights and 6-9PM on weekends. Sessions are booked in 3-hr increments for $40/session. Check availabilities and book your dates using the calendar below!

You will have access to:

– vocal microphones, mic stands, and monitors for vocals.
– our backline: includes: a drum kit (60’s Slingerland: kick drum, floor tom, rack tom, as well as hardware); a 100 watt fender tube bass amp; 100 watt Roland tube guitar amp; and two (2) small solid state fender combos.

You’re also welcome to bring your own equipment, mics, and stands. It will be each band’s responsibility to set up their own backline gear. Drums and amps will not be mic’d.

There will always be a staff member on hand to assist with monitors and mics.

If you’re in need of a scholarship to use the practice space at a discounted rate, or can only pay in cash, you can reach out to us at


We’re also happy to begin offering recording sessions, led by sound engineer Ilya Arbatman. We offer two methods of recording: Digital Recording using Pro Tools (industry standard, cheaper, faster); or Analog Recording to Tape (takes a little longer, a little more expensive, warm/vintage sound). Sessions can be booked in 3hr or 6hr blocks.

If you’re interested in recording, email Ilya at

Be sure to include:

– A Brief description of your project
– A 2 week window, or specific dates you’d like to record
– Any backline gear you’d like to use (listed above)

Ilya will respond within 48 hours to chat details, rates, and confirm dates!